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For me “CAPTURED” is an inspiration and one day, I hope it inspires you too. Everyday we come across millions of things to capture, why not do so? My name is Diya Malhotra and it is my dream to leave no stone unturned, in this universe of discoveries. Join me in this journey today.

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Disabled Children in India

We, like a thousand butterflies, will flap our wings to create a tornado of change. 

7800000. A large number, isn’t it? That’s approximately the number of children with disabilities in India. And guess what? More than 1 out of 4 of them aren’t able to go to school. 

With no fault of their own, they are often neglected and ignored. These children, with hopes and dreams alike any other child, aren’t able to avail their essential right to education. 

“Oh god, that’s really sad”, “Poor them”, “That’s not okay, but of course I can’t do anything about it”, “It’s not in my hands”.

No. I am not going to hear these words anymore. These children deserve to be treated with the respect and kindness we give to any other child. They deserve the education every other child receives. And if they are in need of special assistance, they very well deserve it. 

We CAN do something about it. It is in OUR hands. As active citizens of this country, we all possess the little power to help these children. And it’s our duty, to make use of this little power. We have the power to give. We have the power to donate. We have the power to donate to NGOs, school’s and organisations that are trying to provide special education to these children, but are struggling. 

An example of the above would be “Helpers of Handicapped”, a school in Kolhapur specially built for children with disabilities. Donate for them using the following link: 


Don’t waste this opportunity. Don’t think that ‘Oh well I don’t need to do it, someone else probably will’. It starts with you. You have the power to make a small change, and it is your duty to use this power. We, like a thousand butterflies, will flap our wings to create a tornado of change.